How to choose a domain name: useful recommendations

Choosing a domain name can take a long time. In most cases, it is much easier to come up with a name for the site. The domain must meet a number of criteria to be equally attractive to users and search engines. Below will be written useful tips to help make the right choice.

Maximum and minimum length of the domain name

Complicated and long names are very difficult to remember. Potential customers will have to write down the domain name so they don't forget it. That is why it is worth giving preference to small and concise names that clearly reflect the activities of the company.

The optimal number of characters would be a range of 10 to 15 characters. Too short names in the form of abbreviations should also not be used. Statistics have shown that people have difficulty remembering such words.

Introducing keywords

A great option for those people who are interested in promoting their site. If you use keywords in the domain name, the risk of getting on the top lines in the browser output becomes much higher. You can also use associative words that reflect the activities or specifics of the site.

But do not expect that by choosing such a domain name the site will immediately hit the top of the extradition. Before that, you need to do a lot of work on setting the attractiveness of content not only for customers, but also for search engines. But still choosing a name for the keywords will be the right decision.

An additional advantage is that such a domain will be easier to remember. It will immediately be associated with the selected activity. In this case, both keywords and associative words may be suitable.

Rules for proper shorthand

The domain name you like is too long? No need to worry, because it can be shortened. But it must be done correctly. It is forbidden to shorten the word too much or to slang expressions. On the outside it may seem funny, but unpleasant words can scare away potential visitors to the site. Abbreviated word must necessarily keep a readable appearance and be understandable to all.

Reducing the use of numbers and hyphens

At the moment there are a large number of domains with numbers and hyphens. But experts advise to reduce their number as much as possible. The reason for this statement is as simple as possible - it is difficult for users to remember and problems in ranking by search engines. People have trouble remembering exactly where to put a number or hyphen. On the side may seem that this is far-fetched conclusions, but in fact it is not. When choosing a domain, every detail is important.

Some site owners prefer to cheat when they find a domain of interest to them is busy. So they begin to replace the characters. For example, instead of the letter O they use the number 0. This helps to get the desired domain address, but it has a negative impact on the attractiveness of the name. Users get confused and do not always realize that the characters have been replaced. There is a high risk that a large percentage of potential visitors will go to a competitor. Search engines also do not like domains torn by numbers or hyphens.

From all of the above information, we can conclude that the use of numbers and hyphens is not recommended.

Search for the correct letters

If the future domain must be written entirely in Latin characters and translated by meaning, then no problems with the search for a domain should not arise. But the situation changes when you need to use the Latin letters in the Russian word. In this case you have to resort to transliteration.

Introduction of additional words

The main difficulty in selecting a domain name is that the variant of interest is already occupied by someone. In this case, come to the aid of additional words. With their help, you can create not only unique, but also interesting domain name that will be remembered by users. To begin with you need to think of the main domain. As it can act as a variant that is already busy. The second word must necessarily fit the meaning and reflect the activities of the site.

For example, a person is interested in sports and decides to create a site about it. He chooses the domain sport and finds that it is already busy. At this point, it's time to turn on the imagination and look for suitable words. You can use the word today or real. The main thing is that the name should be good and easy to remember.

No mixing of languages

Many site owners have the idea of creating a unique domain by merging words from different languages. Most often English and Russian are used. For example, dostavka-fast. Such a domain looks very incongruous, poorly remembered and heavily ranked by search engines. That is why it is best to get rid of the idea right away.

Using regional zones

If the site will operate in a particular city, then the domain name can be attributed to the regional zone. For example, it may be or This solution will help occupy the desired domain name, which is already in use by someone else, but in another region.

Automatic domain generation

If a person is absolutely desperate or has no ideas, it is worth using our service Namemesh. Here suitable domain names are automatically generated by key queries or selected areas of activity. The lists will be only available for registration of domain names.

What to do if the domain of interest is already occupied

The perfect domain name is found, but it turned out to be occupied? Do not worry, because there are options out of the situation. They look as follows:

  1. Possibility of lease interception. If the lease comes to an end, and the site owner does not extend it, there is a great opportunity to have time to redeem the domain. Detailed information about the domain name and the lease expiration date can be found using special whois services.
  2. Redeem the domain from the owner of the site. If he is interested in selling, you can try to negotiate the amount. You can also find contacts through whois services, if they have not been previously hidden from outsiders.
  3. Hiring a domain agent. There are special people on the web who are engaged in buying out domains at the request of the client. Their services are not very expensive. Domain agent will contact the owner of the site and try to persuade him to sell the address.
  4. Choosing another domain zone. Every year the number of domain zones is getting larger and larger. This is a great option to register a new site there.

What to keep in mind before buying a domain

If the domain is not new, it already had previous owners. Before buying it is strongly recommended to find out more information about them. The same whois services will help. The history of the domain name is extremely important, as it directly affects the search engine ranking. If the previous owners used the name for banned sites and have been repeatedly fined for it, it is better to bypass this domain address. It has already been blacklisted by search engines, and to get out of them will have a very long and difficult.

It is also worth remembering that older domain names are considered honorable and are easier to promote to the top of extradition. An additional advantage will be if the previous sites hosted useful and unique content for users.

It is necessary to remember

  1. The domain name should not contain more than 2 keywords. Over-optimization is evaluated negatively by search engines.
  2. The name should be short, but at the same time simple.
  3. The simultaneous use of words from different languages is forbidden.

The rules are as simple and clear as possible.